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OMR Test Software Step 4: View Results

The fourth and last step of the OMR test checking software is 'View Results'. After the OMR sheets are scanned and evaluated, it generates test reports which can be printed or else published online. It is possible to get these results and reports in desired formats. It is a great way of publishing the results and saves a lot of time as you do not have to do anything extra for making these reports. Here are some of the important features of the OMR test software:

  • The OMR results can be viewed in the form of statistics, mark lists, etc. in the PDF format.
  • The OMR results are also available in detailed graphical format where the test scores are shown individually as well as in comparison with toppers in the form of pie diagrams, bar graphs, etc.
  • Different types of detailed graphical analysis reports are available with the software.
  • If you want to print the reports in a different format which is not available in the software, it is possible to export the data into Excel, XML, Access, Dbase, etc.
  • Once the reports are ready, you can upload them to the website. It is also possible to send the results via email.
  • We also provide the facility of sending the results via SMS. While this facility is free, you will have to buy the SMS credits separately.

The detailed OMR sheet data is available in various MCQ test result formats. The demo video of step 4 would explain the reporting interface in detail.