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JEE omr sheet
IIT exam omr sheet
JEE exam omr sheet

IIT JEE OMR sheets PDF for practice

The format and layout of OMR sheets are different for different competitive examinations in India. While some have simple MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) based ABCD blocks, the others have complex bubble structures like column matching, numerical response, matrix type questions, integer type questions, etc. The IIT JEE is one such examination in India that uses such complex patterns for their answer sheets. Addmen has been providing OMR sheets for IIT JEE since 2006.

Addmen OMR software's sheet designing facility has the capability to design different types of OMR sheets. This is useful for designing IIT JEE Main OMR sheets and IIT JEE Advanced OMR sheets, as they use different answer patterns in the same paper. This is the reason why IIT chooses Addmen to design the OMR based answer sheets for their Joint Entrance Examination.

Apart from the question paper pattern, this prestigious entrance examination also uses a different answering pattern. In most MCQ based questions, there is one right answer; however in case of IIT Joint Entrance Examination, students would have to mark more than one option to receive marks for a particular question. Addmen's OMR sheet designing software is flexible enough to cater to all these requirements, and hence is being used for preparing the IIT JEE OMR sheets for such a long time.

As we have been working with IIT for preparing the answer sheets, we also provide IIT JEE OMR sheets PDF for practice. All the IIT JEE OMR answer sheets have been provided below and can be downloaded for free. You can print these sheets with any laser or inkjet printer and use them for practice.