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90 Question OMR Sheet Sample

Addmen provides you the opportunity to download and use the 90 question OMR sheet sample for practice purpose. The 90 questions are divided into six rows with 15 questions each. Each question has four options, namely A, B, C and D, from which the student has to pick the right answer and fill or shade the entire bubble completely.



Special instructions are provided to the students regarding filling of the OMR sheets. Only blue and black ball point pen should be used for filling the sheets. Pencil should not be used under any circumstances. Apart from this, it is important to darken the bubbles completely rather than using tick marks, cross or thin lines. There are also instructions to handle the sheets.



The OMR sheets are processed with the OMR software. This software not only reads the OMR sheets but also processes and evaluates for them. For this, you have to scan the sheets first, which can be done with the help of a normal scanner used in homes and offices. The OMR software reads the scanned images of these OMR sheets. You will receive the final result within minutes.

The 90 question OMR sheet sample is available both in color and black and white. You can download these and use them for test practice sessions.

Sample OMR Answer Sheet 90 Questions