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60 Question OMR Sheet Sample

60 question OMR sheet sample, as the title suggests, has 60 questions, and each one has four options which are marked as ABCD. You can download the question paper from here and you can use it for practising solving question papers. This will help you to get an idea of how to fill the sheets properly. There are instructions on the sheet about the dos and don't s of filling and handling the sheets. These instructions will aid you to be prepared for the actual examination.


How is 60 question OMR answer sheet designed?

Addmen OMR software comes with an inbuilt sheet designing facility with which you can design different types of sheets. You can choose the grid type, the size of the bubbles, the color of the pages. Arranging the grid is also easy while designing the sheets with this software. Once the sheets are designed, you can print them using any normal laser or inkjet printer.

Features of the 60 question OMR answer sheet?

  • The answer sheet is a colored OMR sheet, where the bubbles are printed in pink color and there is text inside the bubbles.
  • You can download the same OMR sheet in black and white too; its PDF is available at the bottom of the page.
  • There is space not only to write the roll no. and test id but also to fill them in the OMR format.
  • There is also space for the students to fill their roll no., batch, test date and mobile no. Below there is place provided for candidate and invigilator signatures.

The sample sheet provided here can be downloaded for free. You can get them printed and use it for practice.

Sample OMR Answer Sheet 60 Questions