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250 Question OMR Sheet Sample

Addmen not only provides you with the facility of designing your own OMR sheets with the help of the OMR software, but also provides samples of OMR sheets that you can download for free. You can find 250 question OMR sheet sample on this page. This is a colored OMR sheet and can used for practice or a test where students have to answer 250 questions. The layout of the sheet is such that all 250 questions fit in one page, without making the sheet look congested or cluttered.

This OMR sheet has 250 questions divided into five rows. Every row has fifty questions and each one of them has five options (ABCDE). There is text inside the bubbles so that the students do not make a mistake while filling the bubbles. Apart from the answer bubbles, you will also find bubbles in another section of the sheet. These bubbles are for filling the roll no. in the OMR format. As the OMR software cannot read written material, filling the OMR bubbles for roll no. is very important. This is how the software knows as to which answer sheet belongs to which student.

There are some instructions that the students have to follow while handling the paper. Although these instructions are given on the sheet for them to read, it would be best if you can advise them on these. Students should be told to handle the OMR sheets with care; they should not tear or fold the sheets. The marks should be made only on the bubbles and not anywhere else on the sheets. Rough work should be done on the rough paper provided for this purpose and not on the OMR sheet. Only ball point pen (blue or black) should be used for filling the sheets.

Download the 250 question OMR sheet sample from here and get it printed so that you can practice filling the sheets properly.