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200 Question OMR Sheet Sample - download for practice

Your test paper has 200 multiple choice questions. Surely you would need at least two A4 size sheets, right? No, you do not! If you are opting for an OMR sheet for your MCQ test, you can easily accommodate 200 questions in one sheet of paper. Addmen's OMR designing software provides you with this facility. However, if you do not have the time to design such a sheet, you can download the 200 question OMR sheet sample from here.

This OMR sheet sample that has 200 questions provides space for the students to write as well as fill their roll number in the OMR format. Next to it is the space where the instructions for filling the sheet are provided. There is also space for the signatures of the candidate and the invigilator just below it. Next to it is where students have to fill in their details like batch, name, mobile no. and the date on which the test is conducted.

Below these begin the actual answer paper where you will find the answer bubbles. The 200 questions are separated into four rows and each row has 50 questions. Moreover, each of the 200 questions has five options for the students to choose from. Students have to ensure that they fill the bubbles completely. However, they also have to make sure that they do not overfill the bubbles. The mark should not spread to adjacent bubbles, as this may lead you to receive inaccurate results although Addmen OMR software is not affected by such minor variations. Nevertheless, it is better to prevent such things.

This OMR sheet sample can be downloaded for free. You can then print as many copies as you want and distribute them to your students for practice or test purposes.

200 Question OMR Sheet Sample
omr sheet sample download practice