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150 Question OMR Sheet Sample

Competitive exams, scholarship exams and entrance exams usually ask multiple choice questions. As these exams are attended by a large group of students (in thousands and sometimes in lacs), manual correction is an impossible task. This is the reason why the examination committees of such exams opt for OMR sheets. OMR sheets are technical documents that are checked and evaluated by the OMR software fast as well as accurately.

Apart from checking the OMR sheets, the OMR software also provides the facility of designing the sheets. You can design sheets with 50, 100, 120, 150, 200 and 300 questions. Here, you can view as well as download 150 question OMR sheet sample. This sheet has six rows, with 25 questions on each row. These 25 questions on every row are grouped together in a set of five, which makes the sheet look organized and not cluttered.

The sheet also provides instructions for the students which they have to follow while filling the sheets. They are asked not to fold or crush the OMR sheet. In short, they have to handle the sheet with care. They have to use blue or black point pen and not pencil for filling the bubbles. Moreover, the bubbles should be filled completely, and students should not use eraser to erase the marks once made. Apart from eraser, the use of white fluid or marker is also prohibited.

You can use this 150 question OMR sheet sample for practising for your impending examination in the OMR format. You will not only be able to test your knowledge about the subject but also learn to fill and handle the OMR sheets.