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120 Question OMR Sheet Sample

The Addmen OMR software's sheet designing facility helps you to design different types of OMR sheets according to your requirements. Moreover, the method of designing is also extremely easy as the sheets are calibrated automatically during the designing process. While you can design OMR sheets with as many numbers of questions that fit in one sheet, here we have presented 120 question OMR sheet sample.

If your test paper involves 120 questions, you can use this test sample paper as you can customize the sheet with your institute name and logo. The questions are divided into six rows and each question is provided with four answer options. All questions are divided into sets of five in each row. The students have to fill the right answer bubbles by using a black or blue ball point pen. Under no circumstances can they use a pencil, nor can they put a tick mark while answering the right answer. They have to fill or shade the bubbles completely if they want to receive marks for their right answer.

Apart from the answer bubbles, students also have to fill their roll no. and test ID in the OMR format as well as write them in the blocks provided above the bubbles. They also have to provide personal details like name, mobile number, batch and test date. Students and the invigilator also have to sign on the spaces provided for this purpose.

The sample OMR sheet provided here can be downloaded for free. In other words, if you want to use this sheet for practice, you do not have to pay money for downloading it.

120 Question OMR Sheet Sample