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100 Question OMR Sheet Sample
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100 question OMR sheet sample

OMR sheets are used for examinations that have objective or multiple choice questions. Here, the students are given four to five options, and they have to mark the right answer by filling or shading the bubbles rather than writing the answer. As the OMR sheets are checked with the help of the OMR software, these sheets are created by following certain strict parameters. There are index points on the four corners of the sheets, at measured distances. These index points are crucial part of the OMR sheet, as it is due to these points that the software can read the marks.

The OMR sheets are available in different patterns and layouts. This makes it possible for you to add as many questions as you want in one sheet of paper. Here, we have provided a 100 question OMR sheet sample. The questions are divided into five rows with 20 questions each. Every row has five sets and every question has four options. The students are instructed to fill the right answer bubble completely and not just put a tick mark or any other sign.

It is possible for you to download this answer sheet available here and that too for free. If you are a teacher, you can print the sheets and give them to your students for practising for an upcoming exam that involves the use of 100 question OMR sheet. Even if you are a student and want to practice on the sheet at home, you can download this sheet and print it with your home printer. You do not need a special printer for this purpose.

So, download this sheet today and use it for practice purpose.