How to check OMR sheet

Manually OMR Sheet checking is not only complex but also increases the probability of human mistake. So to beat this trouble and get relieve from load of OMR sheet checking, you can use Addmen’s OMR Software.OMR answer checking software is extensively used by educational, government organizations, recruitment agency, to assess the applicant’s academic growth by systematic numerical analysis and creation of merit reports.

Procedure as below :

  • Describe the Test by putting test details such as, the Test Title, Test Date, and Test ID etc.
  • Manage the various subjects and sections of the test
  • Use Answer key board to put the accurate answers for the questions and to classify the marking format.
  • Scan the OMR answer sheets of applicant, using any ADF scanner.
  • Once you read the scanned sheets by the OMR software, the scores are calculated based on all the right/wrong answers marked by the applicant.
  • You can export reports in the form of graphical reports, mark lists etc.
  • You may also generate your own reports by moving the obtained data into Excel, Access, and other formats of your preference.



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Create & Manage Tests with Test Builder software

Generating and printing test paper has never been simpler. But Addmen group offers time consuming solution for this tedious task. This test builder software helps to generate various types of question papers, together with those with multiple choice questions, subjective type questions, diagrams, numerical, fill in the blanks, etc. If you are looking for professional test builder software then Addmen group is best solution for you.

In this test builder software, you don’t have to manually submit the questions, instead they can be imported form ready questions in word or excel sheet. You can also submit the options and right answer in this system. After saving this question, you can sort out this question according to your requirements using filters.

When you want to build a test paper, go to the test paper generator section and classify your test necessities. Once you have produced the draft, the test builder software would choose the questions available in the question bank and present you with a test paper.

You can modify the test paper by including your organization’s logo if you want. Addmen group reduces wasted time spent on creating and formatting test paper. Now create test with just few click using Addmen group’s test builder software

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OMR Admission form- Assess numbers of admission forms effortlessly

All educational institution or university has to tackle with plenty of admission forms all year. Verifying feeding every admission form physically is a huge assignment and therefore the Majority organizations give OMR admission forms to the scholar. The benefit of this type of Entrance form is that it gets assessed entered into softcopy automatically when it is scanned. With superior OMR software and a regular scanner, it is feasible to assess enormous numbers of admission forms with no trouble.

Information about OMR Admission Form

 Admission form and application forms are different, as an application form requiring only preliminary information of candidates. On other hand admission form requires more complete information of students including name of students, Name of their parents, mark obtained by them. This information is important to institute for keeping the record of students. Thus it is so essential that no mistakes are made while filling the form. Here are some guidelines regarding filling the OMR admission form correctly

  • Keep some photocopies of admission form with you so that you can practice on them before filling the original form. This will avoid mistakes in filling the form
  • Make sure that OMR admission form is not folded and there are no wrinkles or tears in the paper. Because this type of form cannot be scanned correctly
  • Use black or blue ball pen (as specified by institute) to the fill form
  • Do not use a stapler to attach your photograph, Use glue
  • Make sure that you have filled full bubbles circles instead of half filled or light filled because this kind of circles cannot be read by scanner software



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Generate question bank using question bank generator software.

The Addmen question paper generator software is a reliable system that is used by several educational organizations to generate question papers. It is quite easy to run, and you can create question papers within minutes. However, before you create the question paper, you require creating a question bank from which the software extracts the questions. Hence, you need to learn how to generate the question bank first.

The process of creating a question bank is very simple. The best part is that you do not need to have the software during this step. All you need is a laptop or computer and a Word document. Different types of questions can be stored in the question bank starting from subjective questions to multiple choice questions. In case you want to create a question bank with MCQ based questions; you have to first create eight columns. The first column should have the serial number, the second should have the question and the next four or five columns should have the answer options. The last column should have the right answer.

These word documents are stored in files which are called Question Resource files. You can create as many QR files as you need. Also there is no limit to the number of questions that you can store in one QR file. However, it is advised to create topic wise QR files as small number of questions would make it easy for the operator to open and edit them. Once the QR files are created, you have to categorize the questions so that it becomes easy for the software to select questions while generating the test papers. You can classify the questions according to subject/unit, category/class, difficulty level, reference, etc.

With the question bank ready, you can use it whenever you want to set a question paper. You do not need to delete existing questions to add new ones. There is no limit to the number of questions you can add into the question bank.

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Free Online Test Series for Competitive Exams

Nearly all of the competitive exams like JEE, CAT, IBPS, GATE, NEET, Aptitude and many others have now executed online test system. Many organizations give free online test series and online practice test to applicants. With this online test series one can have practice to appear and use the system starting from registration to end till exam results

Let’s have look to steps for appearing free online test series

  1. Candidate have to fill online application form presented at website
  2. Username & Password for online test is sent to candidates via mail or SMS
  3. Once you received the login credentials for your online test you can login and appear for the test
  4. You will be redirected to your main panel where you will see the list of Online tests .You can click on the ‘Open Test’ button to select the test to resolve.
  5. You will redirect to the online test solution panel of the online test system. Read online test instructions watchfully before you initiate online test.
  6. Press the “Start Test” button. Initiate the online mock test question paper.
  7. If you have completed solving your examination. Press the “Submit” button. Even if you don’t click the “Submit” button, the test will be automatically saved when the online test time is ended.

In most cases students taking part in the online test series is permitted to perceive the complete result immediately on end of the test from their main panel in the online test software. Online test Series offers you chances to assess your preparation and build up the weak areas to get expected result in the real examination.

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Learning Management Software Make Institute Management Simpler

Now days every educational institution is moving towards the most intelligent way of learning by using various educational software. Addmen Group offers a smart, simplistic, and a cost-effective solution for institute management. With the Learning Management Software, you can automate a good deal of your institute’s administrative tasks, including conducting of online tests and generating instant results.

With learning management software, you can create the online test for any course, we can also set different marking scheme to question paper. Our learning management software supports all kind of exams for example multiple choice, theoretical, numerical etc.

Once the exam is completed, you can also get access to your test reports and test results if permitted by the admin. In candidate Interface section, one can download the test time table, practice sheets according to his/her branch. Feedback form can be given online for learner to recognize the working of management from student’s point of view. Finished syllabus and awaiting topics can be checked course-wise, subject-wise, department-wise, etc through learning management software by teacher as well as students online. This software lets you to convey rich content to the students with ability to record attendance, supervise performance by taking online tests and reporting results. One stop solution for the educator and the students to cooperate with each other and cultivate!

Addmen group has combined all these module in one software named as learning management software.  So now automate your school / college with admen’s learning management software.

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Automate all functionalities of college with effective College Management Software

It is a complex task to control the variety of activities of any school and doing it manually is surely a time consuming one. The activities of school, college or any university include various departments and it is very imperative to correctly handle all of it at the same time. It requires time, energy and appropriate arrangement for the smooth working of each unit as it is lastly based on the whole management of school, college or university. Handling & maintaining the reports of all students and staff without any software technology is a painful and tedious task. So, in this case there are Software technologies offered by admen group which will show as well as assist you in managing the college administration work. College Campus Automation Management Software will provide you the detail report of all your students and staff.

This College Campus Automation Management Software which let the user to handle the history of students, staff and other records. The various features of it are Admission, Courses and Batches Management, Examination Management, Student Info Management, Attendance management, Library Management, Fee Management etc.,

This platform is simple yet powerful and can be integrated with various departments of institutions like admissions, attendance, staff details and many more specialized modules. Addmen group’s aim in developing College Campus Automation Management Software is to provide an easy way to automate all functionalities of college

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Question paper generator software

Addmen group offer examination management software those are having multiple feature like question paper generation, question paper checking. It can handle different exam related activity. Question paper generator software is one of the best software. In this software there is bunch of questions out of this at time of exam it will drive one by one question to the user the student who appear for this exam. Addmen group present QPG question paper generator software features components in the business sector these are basically useful for the new client the individuals who have not seen this sort of software. The questions are selected randomly from the question bank stored in the software. You can modify the question sequence as per the requirement. The questions can be sorted according to marks allotted to each question. Many sets of question paper can be created by using the Question paper generator software.

You can not only generate or create a question paper but you can print the question paper once you finalize the question paper. Now a days many exam have various sets of question paper like set A, set B, etc. This software helps you create sets of question paper which can be printed as per sets selected. This helps in prevention of any human error while creating the question paper. Many additional features are available in this software. To know more about this software visit our Website:  Admen QPG


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Addmen’s Student Management Software is Beneficial for Hostel and Transport Management

Addmen has presented transport and hostel administration modules in ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System), software that can deal with all organization exercises of the foundation. The Student Management Software helps to spare all the vehicle points of interest of the student contemplating in the school and colleges. Then again, the hostel management software has the offices to record the hostel subtle elements of the student.

The transport module can be utilized to deal with the records of the student profiting the vehicle office. Subtle elements like the sort of transport, number of the vehicle, the course taken, stops, and so forth can be kept up here. Aside from this, data in regards to transport charge installment can likewise be recorded here.

The Student Management Software will have all the data about the students staying at the hostel. This module can be utilized to dole out rooms to the student furthermore to keep a track of the expense installment and such different things identified with the hostel office. It is additionally simple to track the room opportunity and room insightful inhabitancy with this module.

Other than these two modules, the Addmen ECAS has a few different employments. Right from the admission process, it helps in dealing with a few essential foundation administration exercises like expense administration, library management, test report administration, and so forth. This product is helpful for the smooth working of an educational establishment.


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Addmen’s Reliable and Reasonable Online Question Bank Software

Addmen provides the educational software’s which are helpful for all the organization to make their complex administration tasks simpler. Addmen offers an online test Software which you can use to upload tests for your understudies. Understudies are given a login credentials through which they can apply for the test. Addmen additionally gives an online question bank facility in the online test software which enables the bank of inquiries to be uploaded allowing the understudies to self-produce practice question papers for test preparation as per the exam pattern. The question bank asset can be ordered and overseen on local machine for handiness and matched up with the server which is utilized by understudies and for practice test papers. The online question bank can be redesigned by adding more inquiries to the bank.

The bank of questions is made and ordered on your local PC utilizing the offline question bank software. Addmen’s question bank software functions admirably for offline and online tests as well. Being offline, you can spare the same number of inquiries as you need in the nearby question bank and roll out any improvements proficiently in the offline copy and afterward transfer it on the server. Online Question bank carries on in different distinctive ways. It not just permits to give every understudy distinctive inquiries of a similar scale to various understudies yet then again, if the software picks a similar question yet exhibits them in a different order. This anticipates acts of neglect amid the examination and makes the entire procedure fair for the understudies as well.

Because of the features of the online test software and question bank software, it has been utilized by a few top foundations and coaching classes for their online exams. Aside from being dependable, most foundations think that its reasonable as well.


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